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Theft crime charges can vary in severity and potential penalties, based on the value of the property allegedly taken. In fact, while Colorado theft laws criminalize the act of intentionally stealing items of value, they also apply to the acts of:

  • Knowingly receiving stolen goods
  • Stealing trade secrets or medical records
  • Using deceptive business practices
  • Passing bad checks or embezzling funds
  • Stealing via fraud, deception or a con
  • Extortion.

Telluride Theft Defense Attorney Jon R. Fee is highly experienced at defending clients against various types of theft charges, from petty offenses and misdemeanors to felonies. Whether you have been accused of theft for a first or a subsequent time, you can count on Mr. Fee for exceptional advocacy and the strongest possible defense.

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Types of Theft Charges & Penalties

The table below details the different levels of theft charges in Colorado and their associated penalties.

Type of Theft Charge

(Stealing Items Valued at)
Jail or Prison Time


Petty Theft

Less than $50 Up to 6 mos. (jail) Up to $500
Class 3 Misdemeanor Theft $50 to $299.99

Up to $750

Class 2 Misdemeanor Theft

$300 to $749.99 3 to 12 mos. (jail) $250 to $1,000
Class 1 Misdemeanor Theft $750 to $1,999.99 6 to 18 mos. (jail)

$500 to $5,000

Class 6 Felony Theft

$2,000 to $4,999.999

12 to 18 mos. (prison)

$1,000 to $100,000

Class 5 Felony Theft

$5,000 to $19,999.99

1 to 3 yrs. (prison)

Class 4 Felony Theft

$20,000 to $99,999.99 2 to 6 yrs. (prison) $2,0000 to $500,000
Class 3 Felony Theft $100,000 to $999,999.00 4 to 12 yrs. (prison)

$3,000 to $750,000

Class 2 Felony Theft

$1,000,000 or more 8 to 24 yrs. (prison)

$5,000 to $1,000,000

Please be aware that:

  • Attempted theft charges will typically be filed as charges that are one level below the severity of charges associated with the value of the property that was allegedly going to be taken. For instance, an attempt to steal something valued at $750 would usually be filed as a Class 2 misdemeanor (whereas it would be a Class 1 misdemeanor if the items were taken).
  • The nature and severity of the penalties imposed for a theft conviction may vary if the convicted individual is considered to be “at risk” (due to, for instance, a disability).

How Can I Fight Theft Charges?

The details and evidence associated with your case will influence what your best defense options are for fighting theft charges. Generally, some viable defense strategies can include arguing that:

  • The property was mistakenly taken.
  • The defendant owned or had permission to take the property.
  • The property is not as highly valued as the allegations suggest.
  • The defendant didn’t know that the property (s)he received was stolen.

Telluride Theft Defense Attorney Jon R. Fee is ready help you identify your best defense options and present the strongest possible case.

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