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Drugged driving or DUID charges can be filed whenever motorists are accused of driving while under the influence of a narcotic that impairs their perception, their judgment and/or their ability to safely operate a vehicle.

While DUID charges and penalties can be similar to those for alcohol-related DUIs, DUID cases have some unique facets. Partnering with an attorney, like Telluride DUI Lawyer Jon R. Fee, who understands these nuances and how to effective protect you at every phase of a DUID case can be pivotal to:

  • Presenting a strong, effective defense
  • Weakening the prosecutor’s case and arguments
  • Achieving the best possible resolutions to DUID cases.

As a former prosecutor, Mr. Fee has the experience and insight to predict the prosecution’s game plan and devise the best DUID defense strategies. He can help the accused take the right steps at every point in their case, empowering them to successfully navigate the criminal justice system.

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How Does Colorado Law Define “Drug” for DUID Charges?

Colorado DUID laws define a drug as any non-food substance that is:

  • Used to address a medical condition in and can impact the bodily functions of animals or humans
  • Recognized as a drug or supplement by the U.S. Pharmacopeia and National Formulary (including the homeopathic pharmacopoeia).

Consequently, supplements, over-the-counter drugs, prescription medications and illegal narcotics can all constitute “drugs” for the purposes of DUID laws and charges. Any isolated, active ingredients of a supplement or drug can also qualify as a “drug” under Colorado DUID laws.

Additionally, it’s important to be aware that:

  • DUID charges can be filed regardless of whether you have a prescription for a specific medication.
  • DUID charges can but do not have to involve alcohol impairment along with drug impairment.

Are DUID Charges Misdemeanors or Felonies?

Like alcohol-related DUIs, whether DUID charges are filed as misdemeanors or felonies will depend on factors like whether:

  • The accused person has any prior convictions for a wet reckless, a DWAI, a DUID and/or a DUI.
  • The alleged DUID involved a traffic wreck, injuries and/or deaths.

When no aggravating factors (like crashes, injuries or fatalities) are involved, then first- to third-time DUID charges will generally be filed as misdemeanors. A fourth or subsequent DUID (or DUI-related) case will usually be elevated to the felony level, filed as a Class 4 felony.

What Are the Potential Penalties for DUIDs?

The penalties for DUID convictions are typically the same as those imposed for alcohol-related DUIs. Please refer to this detailed DUI penalty table for more specific information regarding the potential incarceration periods, fines, probationary periods and other penalties for DUIs and DUIDs.

DUID Cases: Potential Defense Strategies

While DUI and DUID charges and penalties can be similar (if not the same), the ways to effectively fight these charges can be very different. In fact, when it comes to DUID defense cases, some strong defense strategies can include arguing that:

  • There was no probable cause for the traffic stop.
  • The officer failed to follow proper procedures during the traffic stop.
  • The officer is not a certified drug-recognition expert.
  • The motorist’s rights were violated during or after the traffic stop.
  • Alleged signs of impairment were not the result of drugs or alcohol.
  • The blood samples were mishandled and/or potentially contaminated.
  • The lab made mistakes in analyzing the blood samples.
  • There is no objective evidence of drug impairment.

Telluride DUID Defense Attorney Jon R. Fee is ready to explain and help you pursue your best defense options.

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