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How Are Drug Crimes Classified? What Makes a Drug Offense a Misdemeanor versus a Felony?

A number of factors can determine the severity of drug crime charges, including (but not necessarily restricted to):

  • The type or schedule of the drug(s) involved
  • The amount of drugs associated with the case
  • Whether the drugs were being manufactured, sold and/or trafficked.

The following table outlines the drug schedules set forth by Colorado law.

Drug Schedule



Schedule I Drugs

Highly addictive, unacceptable or unsafe for medical use

LSD, Heroin, Mescaline

Schedule II Drugs

Addictive, some may have acceptable medical uses

Oxycodone, Morphine, Cocaine

Schedule III Drugs Lower risk for addiction, some acceptable medical uses

Steroids, Codeine, Ketamine

Schedule IV Drugs

Low risk for addiction, some acceptable medical uses Diazepam, Zolpidem
Schedule V Drugs Least dangerous & least likely to be addictive, accepted medical uses

Over-the-counter cough syrup with small amounts of codeine

The more addictive and dangerous a drug is (based on the above schedules), the harsher the charges can be for even relatively small amounts of the drug.

Potential Penalties for Drug Crimes in Colorado

The penalties that can be imposed in drug crimes cases depend on factors like (but not limited to):

  • The nature of the charges filed, including whether the charges are misdemeanors or felonies and whether they involve allegations of drugs for personal use or distribution.
  • Whether the accused has prior drug crime convictions and, if so, whether the accused was on probation or parole when the alleged crime occurred.

The table below shows the potential penalties for felony and misdemeanor drug crimes.

Drug Crime

Example Jail or Prison Time
(Sentence for Crimes with Aggravating Factors

Fines &
Mandatory Parole

Level 1 Felony

Selling at least 225 grams of a Schedule I or II drug 8 to 32 yrs.
(12 to 32 yrs.)
$5,000 to $1,000,000
3 yrs. mandatory parole
Level 2 Felony Selling between 14 grams & 225 grams of a Schedule I or II drug 4 to 8 yrs.
(8 to 16 yrs.)

$3,000 to $750,000
2 yrs. mandatory parole

Level 3 Felony

Selling less than 14 grams of a Schedule I or II drug 2 to 4 yrs.
(4 to 6 yrs.)
$2,000 to $500,000
1 yr. mandatory parole
Level 4 Felony Selling less than 4 grams of a Schedule III or IV drug 6 to 12 mos.
(1 to 2 yrs.)

$1,000 to $100,000
1 yr. mandatory parole

Level 1 Misdemeanor

Possession of a Schedule III, IV or V drug 6 to 18 mos. (jail) $500 to $5,000
Level 2 Misdemeanor Attempting to Commit a Level 1 Misdemeanor Up to 12 mos. (jail)


Please be aware that, with drug crime cases, it may be possible to seek drug treatment in lieu of some (or all) jail time.

How to Fight Drug Crime Charges

The most effective strategies for fighting drug crime charges will hinge on the specific circumstances and evidence associated with a case. Generally, however, some viable options for drug crime defense cases can include arguing that:

  • The drugs did not belong to the defendant, and (s)he did not know about them.
  • The drugs were obtained via an illegal search, violating the defendant’s Fourth Amendment rights.
  • Police failed to follow proper procedure while arresting the defendant and/or investigating the case.

Telluride Drug Defense Lawyer Jon R. Fee is ready to help you determine and pursue your best defense options if you’re facing drug crime charges. He has extensive experience defending clients against various types of drug charges, including (but not restricted to) charges involving allegations of drug:

  • Possession
  • Manufacturing
  • Sale
  • Distribution
  • Trafficking.

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