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An arrest and criminal charges can blindside you, leaving you with serious questions about how to defend yourself, navigate the criminal justice system and resolve the case.

Whenever you or someone you love has been accused of any type of misdemeanor or felony offense in or around San Miguel County, Colorado, you can turn to and depend on Telluride Criminal Defense Attorney Jon R. Fee for:

  • Clear, helpful insights about your best defense options and how to proceed
  • Strategic, experienced defense representation
  • Responsive, personalized legal service
  • A tireless, dedicated partner who can help you seek favorable resolutions.

As a former prosecutor and skilled litigator who has successfully tried several dozen jury trials, Attorney Jon R. Fee can predict and cleverly counter the prosecution’s game plan. This makes him extremely effective at:

  • Protecting clients’ rights and interests at every stage of a defense case
  • Working to seek alternatives to trial, conviction and/or incarceration, whenever possible and in his clients’ best interests
  • Presenting highly persuasive defense cases to juries, judges and district attorneys
  • Successfully guiding his clients towards the best outcomes possible.

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Unlike arrests for other criminal offenses, DUI arrests generate two cases against the accused – the criminal (court) DUI case and the administrative (DMV) DUI case. Having experienced legal representation for both cases can be essential to minimizing the potential negative impacts of DUI arrests and charges.

Telluride DUI Attorney Jon R. Fee is highly experienced at defending clients in all types of DUI cases, including (but not restricted to) cases associated with:

  • Underage DUIs
  • Misdemeanor DUIs (including first-, second- and third-time DUIs)
  • Felony DUIs
  • Out-of-state DUIs
  • DUIs for CDL holders
  • DUIs involving aggravating factors, like crashes, injuries or death.

Driving Under the Influence of Drugs (DUIDs)

DUID can result in similar charges and potential penalties as alcohol-related DUIs. When it comes to fighting DUID charges, however, different strategies and arguments can come into play, like (but not limited to) proving that:

  • An arresting officer is not a certified drug recognition expert.
  • Police made mistakes during the arrest and/or investigation.
  • The blood samples were not properly handled or analyzed.

Mr. Fee is skilled at defending clients against various types of DUID charges. He knows how to determine and present the best defense arguments for DUID cases, setting clients’ cases up for the best resolutions available.

Felony Offenses

The most severe level of criminal charges the state of Colorado can file against an individual is a felony charge. Consequently, felonies can come with harsh penalties that may last for years – or even a lifetime.

Telluride Criminal Defense Attorney Jon R. Fee knows how to effectively defend clients against various types of felony crimes, including felony:

  • Drug crimes, like distribution, manufacturing and trafficking
  • Property crimes, such as grand theft and robbery
  • Sex offenses, like sexual assault and sex crimes involving children
  • Traffic offenses, such as vehicular manslaughter and felony DUI
  • Violent crimes, like felony assault and domestic violence
  • White collar crimes, such as embezzlement, fraud and money laundering.

Whether felony charges have been filed against you for a first or subsequent time, Mr. Fee can help you devise and present the strongest possible defense case.

Misdemeanor Offenses

Though less serious than felonies, misdemeanor charges can still result in severe penalties, like months in jail, hefty fines and a criminal record. With an experienced lawyer – like Jon R. Fee – on your side, however, you can be confident that you have a strong, strategic defense.

Depending on the nature and specifics of your case, Mr. Fee may be able to:

  • Discredit certain evidence against you and/or get it thrown out
  • Get charges reduced or dismissed
  • Seek alternatives to trial and/or jail time (like house arrest, work release or probation).

Theft Charges

Theft charges can be filed as petty offenses, misdemeanors or felonies, depending on the value of the property that was allegedly stolen. In addition to covering the intentional act of taking another party’s items of value, theft charges can also come into play for offenses like (but not limited to) intentionally:

  • Stealing trade secrets
  • Stealing medical records
  • Passing bad checks
  • Embezzling funds
  • Stealing via fraud or deception
  • Extorting someone
  • Receiving stolen property.

Attorney Jon R. Fee can vigorously defend clients against any type of theft charges, from petty offenses to misdemeanors and felonies.

Drug Charges

Drug crime charges can be misdemeanors, felonies or federal-level charges, depending on factors like:

  • The type and amount of the drug(s) involved
  • Whether the drugs were for personal use or whether they were being manufactured, sold, distributed and/or trafficked
  • Whether the accused has prior drug convictions
  • Whether the accused was on probation or parole when the alleged crime occurred.

While there can be a number of effective defense strategies for fighting drug crime charges, these cases may also have the potential for alternatives to incarceration, like, for example, drug treatment programs. Jon R. Fee can build you a strong, strategic defense case, regardless of whether you are facing first-time or subsequent drug charges at the misdemeanor, felony or federal level.

Sexual Assault Cases

The severity and penalties associated with sexual assault charges will vary according to case-specific factors, like:

  • The age of the alleged victim(s)
  • The relationship between the alleged perpetrator and victim(s)
  • Whether force, threats or a weapon was allegedly used during the act
  • Whether the alleged act was part of a pattern of sexual assault or abuse
  • Whether the alleged act resulted in serious bodily harm.

While forensic evidence and witness statements may be helpful to sexual assault defense cases, the most effective way to fight these serious criminal charges is to partner with Telluride Defense Attorney Jon R. Fee who can help you identify and pursue your best defense strategies. Mr. Fee has vast experience defending clients against various types of sexual assault charges, including (but not restricted to) those involving allegations of:

  • Statutory rape
  • Sexual assault with or without force
  • Sexual assault on a child
  • Gang rape.

Assault & Battery Charges

Assault involves intentionally causing bodily harm to another person while battery (also known as menacing) involves making threats of physical violence. While these charges can be filed together or independently of each other, each can come with severe penalties upon conviction.

Potential defense options for assault and menacing cases can include arguing that:

  • The alleged act was accident.
  • It didn’t involve a weapon or cause physical harm.
  • It was provoked or committed in the heat of passion.

Jon R. Fee is vastly experienced at defending clients against any type of assault and battery charges, including misdemeanor and felony menacing, as well as 1st, 2nd and 3rddegree assault.

Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic violence is a sentencing enhancer, rather than a stand-alone crime. This means that domestic violence charges are filed:

  • In conjunction with other criminal charges, like assault charges
  • At the same level as the underlying charge(s), meaning if misdemeanor assault is the underlying charge, then the domestic violence charges will be filed at the misdemeanor level.

Those who have at least three prior domestic violence convictions can be charged as “habitual offenders” and face Class 5 felony charges.

Mr. Fee knows how to effectively defend clients against any type of domestic violence charges. He is ready to take immediate action to protect your rights and guide you through the unique facets of these cases – like mandatory protection orders and viable defense strategies – to help you resolve your case as favorably as possible.


The legal process of sealing criminal records is referred to as an expungement. Expunged records will not appear in public background checks; they can, however, be accessed by law enforcement authorities (via court order).

Colorado law sets forth strict rules regarding who can expunge records related to arrests, criminal charges and/or criminal convictions. For those who are eligible, an expungement can be an effective way to achieve a fresh start and qualify for more opportunities (like career opportunities).

Seeking an expungement, however, can be involved process, and making mistakes along the way can result in additional costs and delays – if not a denial of the petition. Jon R. Fee has helped many clients successfully navigate the expungement process and seal their criminal records. He is ready to discuss your situation and help you take the right steps to obtain an expungement (if you qualify for one).

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